Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stitched Felt Flowers

My naked little felt flowers from a few days ago got a makeover tonight. NOW I remember why I saved all that DMC floss from the 1990s---to stitch felt flowers. :) It took me awhile to decide what I was doing and I ripped out as many stitches as I put in, but I'm pretty satisfied w/ my first attempts. They aren't fancy nor are they elegant--they are just kinda cute....
I think I will try tulle, glitter and maybe more bling on future flowers when I get a little more brave.

This is my pink and green combo....

Now I stacked them up and added some floss to the button...

I can't wait to use these!!!I absolutely fell in love w/ the red and gray (although it looks like chocolate and red which would be another good combination).

Isn't it neat?


  1. Isn't it addictive?? I love working with felt and hand stitching!

  2. What patience you must have! But well worth it. The flowers would make great embellishments on any card or scrapbook.


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