Thursday, May 31, 2012

Purse Obsession?

Are obsesed with purses?  I know some ladies who have more purses than I have fingers and toes.  Me---I had one!    BUT then I preordered the new die from Stampin' Up!  Now my tabletop if full of cute little purses.  

Starting on June 1st, you can order this cute little purse die HERE

I used silver brads from the metallic pack (119741) to attach the handle.

 Designer printed brads (122940) along with some retiring brads for the front of the purse.

I also used the Boho Blossoms punch (119858) and the 1/2 circle punch (119869) beneath the brad. 

Here's something else that is really cute and so much fun to play with....

My daughter, Riley Kate's lambs. Fawna is on the left. Dusty is on the right. They were about 5-6 days old in this picture. I love there big ears. :)  We have spaced out the feedings so I am getting about 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep now.  I am functioning much better.  LOL

I am still losing weight at a good pace.   I have lost 62.6# since 1/1/12.  I'm plugging away on it.  Now that I have lost weight, I need to color my hair--the gray is more noticeable.  LOL

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Graduation Time (AGAIN)

Seriously, where did the last year go?  It seems like just yesterday I was full panic mode trying to get eveything prepared for Dani's graduation open house.  Now she has officially completed her first year of college.  She is home again for the summer and has went back to work.  It is so good to have her home.

However I don't know if we'll ever have an empty nest.  We have 3 new babies at our house.  Granted, they aren't human babies. Aunt Laurie gave my 14 year old, Riley Kate two little orphaned lambs for her birthday and they arrived last night. They are super cute and I will have to post some pictures of them soon.

Our other new baby is Max. He is our new bullmatian (bull dog and dalmatian mix) puppy.  He's so sweet and he still has that new puppy smell. 

All the babies require some night time and early morning attention.  I think summer may be alittle's what my night and morning has been like.  I was up at  midnight w/ Max, 2am with the lambs and 4 am w/ Max.  I decided that at 6am just to get up.... I'm so tired. I definitely know I'm too old for any more human babies. LOL

This weekend starts the graduation 'season'.  We have several to attend this year.  I can't believe these kids are already finishing high school.  The time goes so fast.

I made some 4 x 4 criss cross cards and changed the belly band to coordinate w/ the graduate's school colors.  I absolutely fell in love w/ the CURLY CUTE stamp set--WHY oh WHY did I wait so long to get it?  LOL

Monday, May 14, 2012

Scrunched Scalloped Circle Flower

I had several questions about how I made my scrunched scalloped circle flowers in my last post.  I thought I would give you a little step by step on how to make this cute and VERY EASY 3D flowers.

You will need:
Enough cardstock or dsp to punch out 6 scallop circles
1 brad
Paper piercer and mat
Scallop Circle Punch

***Shocking image***
Look away if you can't stand the sight of scrunched cardstock.  :) 

Scrunch up all 6 scallop circles like you would a gum wrapper --being careful not to rip them.

Carefully flatten out your circles.  See all the crinkles and wrinkles--that's perfect!

Stack up all 6 circles and poke a hole down through the center of them w/ your paper piercer.  Bore out the hole a little to make it a little bigger.

Using a brad attach the 6 circles together.

One layer at a time, scrunch up the circles again.  I like to REALLY scrunch the center circle so it is tight and you can't see the brad.

Continue Scrunching....

Then I take the flower in my hand and I scrunch it some more...

Here's what it look like after all the that....

Shape your flower by pulling down some of the petals a bit.  No worries--it you don't like the shape or something isn't just so--scrunch it again.  :)


Friday, May 11, 2012

8th Grade Art Class

Hi Everyone! It has been awhile since I have been here.  I'm sorry.  I am back to stampin  again.  The last couple months have been hectic and I also decided that I needed some time invested on me.    I have been focusing on losing weight and getting healthy.  Since January 1st, I have lost 56#.   It is going really well and I am feeling a lot better .   I have my goals set for the next few months and  now it's time to get some stamping done!

The local art teacher asked if I would come in and make Mother's Day projects w/ her 8th graders.  When I originally agreed, I assumed there would be 10-15 kids in the class.  I was wrong!  The 8th graders are required to take art.  I had 30 kids in the class.  

Here's what we did in ONE CLASS PERIOD!

We made a simple 3 x 3 card.  They loved learning how to make a 3D flower out of a few circles.  The boys especially loved to make flowers.  Their teacher had just finished telling them that they would need to be careful because Stampin' Up! cardstock is a lot 'better' than what they usually work with. If they messed up by not paying attention, they would not get replacement pieces.  I told them to take their cardstock scallop circles and crumble them like a gum wrapper.  LOL

Then using my Big Shot, we cut and embossed the scallop envelopes, made a little 'wonderful mother' card to go inside, added a ghirardelli chocolate. Then I had tie a ribbon to hold it all together.  ***No chocolate was consumed during the prep or making of this project.  LOL

The boys did the razzleberry, old olive and pretty in pink cards and envelope. 

I would highly recommend teaching an art class if you are wanting some cardio exercise.  I didn't stop moving for an hour and whew---I was warm!!!  :)

I hope their moms enjoy them and Happy Mother's Day to all you Stampin' Moms!!
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