Monday, February 15, 2010

1/2 Ragged.....

Well being as it is my second day sewing, I thought I had reached a 'professional level'. Ohhhh quickly I learned that I was wrong. All was going well.

The blocks were run through my Big Shot and they were quilted.
I learned a lesson from my first bag and made my cotton batting smaller 3"x3" so that it didn't accidently get stitched into the seams.

I learned a little bit about assembly to chain my pieces together so that it putting the bag together goes faster. This bags are incredibly easy (if you pay attention to what you are unlike me) and you can probably make a bag start to finish in about 2 hours. stitched my 2 chains of blocks together backwards... so my bag is only half ragged. Notice all my vertical seams are scallopless. I freaked out a little and grabbed the seam ripper. I can honestly say that I have issues w/ the seam ripper and we are not on friendly terms. I am impatient and clumsy and seam rippers often make tears in me or the fabric. With that being said, I decided to leave it and work w/ it.

I REALLY LIKE the finished bag even though it's only 1/2 what I intended! :)

Did you notice the fabric? I made a bag out of it yesterday too. I bought a yard of 3 fabrics. I am guessing I can make at least another bag maybe two out of 3 yards. I think that's pretty good!

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