Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm sorry that I haven't posted lately, but my husband has been working on our house. This is good news, because when it is finished I will be able to move my workshop tables, which are brand new still in their boxes, into one portion of our basement and have workshops/classes at my house.

I'm so excited to see the progress that he has made in the last couple weeks. I was not excited; however, when I went downstairs to my Stampin' Room and there was a pile of 12' drywall stacked against my door. I got up early that morning so I could have some alone time with my stamps--well I tried to move the drywall and it did not budge. I obviously need to do more strength training... LOL

Yesterday, Terry finished hanging the drywall. ***YEA! I can get back into my Stampin' Room*** It looks so much different than it does in this picture, but I haven't gotten back down there to take more pictures. I can't wait to move my tables in and get Stampin'!

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