Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you 'Tween-Kitty Cards

Riley Kate had her 13th birthday party a couple weeks ago. It was WILD!  There were 10 'tween girls in my house.  I think they had a great time and I know that Riley Kate loved being the birthday girl/center of attention.  :)  She is such a social butterfly! Personally, I'm glad she only has a birthday once a year.  I was exhausted after 24 hours of 'tween....  LOL

Now it's time for thank you cards.  I am one of those mean mom's that still thinks that if you receive a gift-you send a thank you.  Today I spent 30 minutes making thank you cards. Honestly they only took 30 minutes. I had  exactly 30 minutes before I had to have Evan up from his nap.  I came up w/ this little simple thank you using Touch of Kindness stamp set from the Summer Mini Catalog. 

In 30 minutes, I finished a dozen of these little 3"x 3" cards.  They are very simple and if I were giving them to adults I would do a little more embellishing and layering, but I thought they were just right for the girls.  :) 

1 comment:

  1. Very very cute! How did you do them - using stazon then water coloring them in? Thanks


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