Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sock Snowmen

'Tis the season for Teacher Gifts. Last year, I saw these cute little snowmen by Samantha Parisi. She posted the .pdf file for their little faces on her blog last December. I couldn't resist making them for the girls' teachers this year. Every year it seems we give them chocolate or popcorn..... I see nothing wrong with that! LOL

I made a few out of old socks...

And a few out of leftover fleece...

Which do you like better?
How did I make the Fleece Hat?
I used a piece of fleece about 4" X 5 "

I put a little hot glue under a 1/2" flap on the 4" side and folded it up to make the bottom of the hat.
Flipped it 90 degrees and cut the little fringes and wrapped a narrow piece of fleece right under the fringes, cinched it up and tied it off--trimming the edges
Then I wrapped the hat around the snowmen's head and using hot glue I glued the back together.

How did I make the Sock Hat?
Using a child's sock, roll up the cuff. (I saved a lot of odd socks over the years. These socks were worn by my girls when they were probably about 7 y/o or so.)
I pulled the sock straight and cut it off at about the heel of the sock. I then cut my fringes.
I cut another narrow piece of the sock off and wrapped around under the fringes and cinched it and knotted it--being sure to trim the ends.
Then I cut the sides off the toe of the sock and opened it up so it was about 7-8" long and cut w/ my rotary cutter a strip to make the little scarf.

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