Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mom's Lil' Helper (Why I don't Stamp As Much As I Used To)

Let's see what Evan is helping with tonight.
Ah yes, he is cleaning my baking drawer....

He is a boy on a mission....just look at him throw....(groan)

And when he's in his cleaning mode, he's not afraid
to SPIT-SHINE everything he touches. He has found
that sticking the pan directly into his mouth distributes the
most spit.
Ahhh...just enough spit...on to the next pan...

Better double check & make sure I have spit on all of these already on the floor.
Yep-yep! They have ALL been in my mouth.

Whew! Almost done. What cupboard should I help Mom with next?!
I have to laugh because this is serious work for him, but now I have to go and load my loaf pans in the dishwasher and pick up his 'helpfulness'.
I would rather be stamping, but I wouldn't take back moments like these for anything....


  1. I hear ya - my lil ones 'help' when I'd rather be stamping - or when I'm stamping... sigh

  2. OMGosh I remember those days. I enjoyed them so much. Mine used to also do the wooden spoons and use the pans for drums. LOL, I think I had the noisiest house in the neighborhood. But, my kids sure had fun. They're only little once and the your right enjoy that time now cause you can never got back.
    Angel hugs

  3. ROFLOL! I remember those days...wish I had pictures of them. I can remember finding George in the kitchen with the metal colander on his head like a helmet (hmmmm, maybe that should have been my clue as to what he would do when he grew up - LOL!). He really thought he was somethin' - HA! HA! These will be great memories for you as he grows up! Enjoy them!

    Cynthia Ferenz
    Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers

  4. Oh my goodness! How absolutely ADORABLE! I have a 3yo who is now out of this *stage of helpfulness* much to our relief! =D But he does still come up with some unique outlets for his boundless energy, like hiding our wireless mouse for two weeks and then there was the time he fished his poopie out of the potty with my hairbrush! Needless to say, I got a new hairbrush the following day!Always something new to look forward to with young uns!

  5. SO precious, Wendy! Hopefully he took a good nap after all that work! LOL! You're so right in taking the time to enjoy those moments now. The stamping will always be there, but one day you'll wake up and he'll be grown. My boys are 18 and 21 now and I'll always cherish those memories! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  6. My aunt use to allow this with her youngest, a son too. You can always keep a lock on those doors, and give him something else to play with though. LOL But I understand you wouldn't want to miss a thing with your antics in the drawers and cabinets. He's so cute doing this. Cherish it all.

  7. Too cute! My two year old still does this. :)

  8. God I miss those moments! I sure do wish I had more pictures of my boys "helpfulness". They are 11 and 12 years old and moments are few and far between now. I do love every stage they go through. Thanks for sharing with us!


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