Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Every Stamper's Bad Dream

Sunday morning, I got the news. My husband, Terry was ready to spray primer and texture on the basement walls. He did give me a few hours notice so that I could go into my stamp room and perhaps stamp a card or two before he closed it off....

I was a little bit panicky, but for the most part I was excited that the rest of the basement would be done and useable. Well that all changed when I seen the door actually closed off.

Doesn't that just send shivers down your spine? Ohhh how horrible! I was cut off from all things stamping.
Monday morning, Terry informs me that he has work and cannot spray the final coat. I'm starting to really freak out a little now. I haven't had ink on my fingers in 24 hours and he's telling me he's not sure when he will get to it. EEEEK!
Yesterday, I cleaned my closet, washed and hung several loads of laundry out on the clothes line (in Wisconsin--yeah I know brrrr!), got Evan all dressed up TWICE and went out for a walk with him, swept, did dishes, thought about cleaning the bathroom. OMGosh is this a sign of what I would be like if I didn't have stamping??? NEAT and CLEAN...LOL
Needless to say, Terry came home, had dinner and was nudged toward the basement. Luckily, he nudged easy. :) The basement is painted. The plastic is down and everything is back to normal.
Suggestions & Well Wishes I Received:
Thank you. I LOVE YOU, GUYS!

Check out all the samples on Split Coast Stampers!! That will keep you busy for a long while!! LOL

Ohhhh you poor, poor baby! My heart weeps for you! Just let him know there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES if he does not get it done tomorrow, as withdrawal is not pretty! LOL!
Cynthia A. Ferenz

I don't have to worry about my door being block off as it don't have a door. It is open to the whole world. Problem is when it isn't clean it isn't very a very pretty site. I feel for you though Wendy.
Angel hugs

(This is my absolute favorite)
Wendy Wendy Wendy....you must be in the room when he tapes it up!
Jacqui Lines

Carefully open it and reseal it before he gets home from work, LOL!!!

Definitely a farce and trick to keep you away from your beloved stamps! Thankfully, in my household, I'm the painter :) Which reminds me - I'm getting the bug to paint my craft room - the contractor's blah walls are starting to get to me!!!
Sincerely,Pam Staples

My husband would say i could use the day to clean my house! lol Sure hope mine doesn't get the idea to close off my stamping door. lol Hit the dollar stores and find something to decorate for when you get back in your room!

I'm deleting this QUICK before hubby walks in!!! LOL!

BUMMER! You must be "jonesing."
Sage Kimble

I think it's all a farce by your hubs! He's tricking you so you will spend time with him, or even worse...HOUSEWORK! They're tricky like that!! ;o)
Marjori Miller

I would tear it off for the day! Hehehe

I am so sorry for you Wendy.
I hope you will make it through the day without withdrawal symptoms, lol. I hope this is the right word for it?
Groeten/GreetingsMarie-José Boumans, the Netherlands

Oh Wendy - so sorry - but you can always clean your house - or bedroom - or wash clothes, or work in the yard, or go shopping? Wanda

When you're not catching up on laundry and vacuuming, you will be meditating on WHERE EVERYTHING GOES once that door is open! And it might be as well if you got someone else to help you with it - four hands is great, ESPECIALLY if the other person has an idea where things will be going!!
Hang in there, we're all agog to see it when it's done!!
Hewitt Hulse

lol - I knoooooooooow whatcha mean, girl!!
Today, I am taking some of my retired SS and stamping a cover sheet with each stamp, then nuking them and removing the rubbers from their blocks, and finally storing them in a CD case. WAHOO - room for more stamps!!!

LOL, you weren't kidding it's sealed up! Sounds to me like it will be worth the wait. Would love to see the re-do pics when it's done!

Get your house chores done for the week so you can just go into the room and stay
Make up 4 days worth of meals and freeze them
Do up the laundry (at least wash and dry)
And tidy up the house
That will keep your mind off the room and the computer!!
Good luck lolol
Gwen Mangelson

OH NO!!!! I don't know what I'd do either!-Erika Martin
I would slice the plastic, squeeze in there, and tape it back up when you're done!!
Kerin Sylvester

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