Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three of this and Three of that...

Last night, I put together the rest of my scallop squares and by bedtime I had 3 little bags completed. I love sewing them together and can would like to proudly state that I didn't put a single square on backward on the last two bags.... LOL :)
This morning, I stamped for a little bit before my Stampin' Room was closed off for the rest of the day. Today, my husband is spraying primer on the basement walls preparing them to be painted. YEA! I guess I can spend one afternoon out of my room---maybe!
The first card I used certainly celery DSP... the second card I left plain, I'm not sure which card I like better....
Which one do you prefer?


  1. Wendy this is adorable. I love this card great use of this sketch. Those purses are great too. I bought all the supplies to make these and have been afraid to try, have to remember how to thread my sewing machine first, lol! Thanks so much for playing along.

  2. Cute card. I definitely like the one with the DSP better. I've got the 1-square Easter baskets all cut out so I'll be making them the next few days. I've got 18 teachers to give them to and, of course, the 5 grandchildren. Better get off the computer and get busy.

    BTW, why didn't you grab some stamping stuff from your room before hubby sealed it off? Then when he came home the next day, you could have been stamping at his end of the kitchen table so he would get the message that the basement needed to get finished fast!

  3. Hi Wendy, I like the first one better. The DSP adds a little something extra.
    I had a lot of fun reading about your sealed room. Luckily my room doesn't have a door that can be sealed. However I do have plans to paint it soon which means I'm going to have to box a lot of stuff and won't be able to get to them...


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