Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Birthday--Your Gift!

On Saturday, I will be turning the big 3-9! I remember crying hysterically when I turned 29 about how my life was over. Well my 30s were pretty great so I'm not going to stress out about this 39 business.  In fact,  I thought we could celebrate w/ a little blog candy. 
I have 2 NEW clear sets that both have a birthday saying in them.   I thought in the spirit of 39th birthdays, I would offer them.  :)

Afterthoughts (one of my FAVORITE retired hostess sets)

Happy Moments (a cute little former sale-a-bration set for all occasions)

Here's the RULES:
  • Leave me a comment w/ your first name and email address (if you aren't comfortable leaving your email address on my blog, email me at stampiepoo@gmail.com using BIRTHDAY for the subject).

  • Tell me what set you would like if you are chosen.

  • Finally tell me how you would like to celebrate your next birthday.   
I will use Random.Org to pick 2 winners on the morning of my birthday (Saturday, September 3rd)-one for each stamp set.  I can only ship to U.S. addresses, sorry!

If you are wondering, yes this is my VERY FIRST 39th birthday. 


  1. Wendy- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I would love the Afterthoughts set if I am chosen. My name is Erin and my email is erin@handstampedstyle.com. I think I am in denial because I have celebrated my 4th 32nd birthday anniversary and I think I just need to embrace life and where I am physically, emotionally, and numerically. :) I guess I could be worse off, huh? Thanks for this fun blog candy and letting us celebrate with you!

  2. Happy 39th for the first time--that is just too funny. Must say I am well past my 39th. I would love to celebrate my March bday by going to TX to be with my dd and her family. It would be good to get out of the cold Midwest to warmer weather for a week. I would choose Set 1 Afterthoughts as I have the second set. That owl is just so darn cute!
    thestampinglady at gmail dot com

  3. Well my dear, Happy 39!! This year I was 29 next year I will be 28, heehee. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and all your wishes come true, so whatcha wishin' for?? Truthfully I am 51 and somedays feel it very much other days not so much, I guess I never grew up and not sure I want to. LOL
    I don't have either of those stamp sets so it would be great either one.
    Enjoy your day my friend
    angel hugs

  4. Happy Birthday Wendy! Just remember it is only a number. I'll be celebrating my birthday with my wonderful family. Either set would be fine as I don't have either. Thanks. Pam rainbowdar at aol dot com

  5. Hi and Happy Birthday to you!!! I agree with Pam-it's only a number and only you have control of how "old" you feel!!
    I'll be celebrating with my family and they usually take me out to dinner. Either set would be fine. How nice of YOU to give us the "gift". Thanks for having such a fun blog! Hugs Kay

  6. Wendy, don't cry....it only gets better. This is my birthday month too...on the 17th, I will be the BIG 60..can't wait. My Dad always said, having another birthday is better than not having one!! Hope 39 is great to you...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for the chance at some candy! I would love either set but "Afterthoughts" is my fave....tlfletcher@embarqmail.com

  7. Hi Wendy Happy birthday. for mine I probable nothing just another day. My mom is turning 70 she get around like she was 50 so it just goes to show you it is just a number and with age come beauty. Have a good day and Happy Birthday. Gloria M

  8. Happy 3-9! No, life in your forties is not a disaster unless you make it that. I am enjoying life more now than I did when I was 40. In September I will be 56. So don't fret it only gets better. I'd love the After Thoughts set if I win. And thanks for being so generous on your birthday. My wish for me birthday this year would be that all me kids would come see me, but I know that won't happen. My youngest is leaving today for three months in Austria for a new job. My middle son lives in Salt Lake City and very busy with his job and I know that my oldest will be here because she still lives with us. So since I can't have that, I thought about asking for a sticker machine. LOL! I am sure that we will go out to dinner which is a tradition. But maybe a nice quiet day at our "retreat" property (Baby creek) would be how I'd most like to spend my day. That being said I already know I have to work! LOL! Thanks for your generosity and Happy Birthday! Bug birthday hugs!
    Donna drinckel at yahoo dot com

  9. Happy Birthday early!!!! Hope you get to do whatever YOU want!
    April kuenzifamily@tds.net
    I would pick the Happy Moments if I win.
    I am hoping for my next birthday (It will be 29 - I don't plan on crying but now you have me worried) ;) I will be taken on a "date". All the littles have to stay with Nana!
    Love ya Wendy - Have a good one!

  10. Feliz Cumpleano Wendy, Yes, birthdays come and go and they will never be like the ones when you were a child. Aw heck, pull out the pin the tail on the donkey or better yet stamp one. I will be celebrating my 49th in January. It's only a number. Love your projects.
    Maritza - chargit40@verizon.net
    If I am selected - Afterthoughts as I have the other set. Thanks for sharing your birhtday with us.

  11. Hi Wendy - I love your owl but then I love all your projects. I would like to get the Afterthoughts stamp set, if I win. My name is Julia and my e-mail is jlgass1958@yahoo.com. I will be having a birthday on 9-21 but no big plans. I am planning a big party for my 55 birthday in 2 two.

  12. First and foremost, Happy Birthday! I hope you do something really fun to celebrate and that your last year of your 30's is the best yet! I just celebrated my 38th birthday a few weekends ago and I would do the same all over again...Friday with friends having bloody mary's on the deckand then heading to see POISON to make us feel young again!!! Saturday laying on the boat reading a book and Sunday all my kids over for dinner and no arguing (and I didn't have to cook...) to me, it's the simplicity!! I would be happy with either set, but the Afterthoughts is not in my collection, so that would be my first choice!! sabmay@att.net-Steph

  13. Happy Birthday, Celebrate every one of them to the hilt!! As someone else said, having them is way better than not having them. I turned 48 last month and it was wonderful since for the first time in 8 years, the Army didn't take my son away on my birthday!! I may be more wrinkled than I used to be, but I'm a lot wiser than I used to be too. Next year? Can we go for 2 in a row with my son home?? lol I would love afterthoughts if I win as it's one of my favs too. stampindebs at aol dot com

  14. Suzanne Schlesier
    Happy Birthday! Have a great birthday! You are only as old as you feel, which somedays I am sure is older than others! The number is a number, your state of mind is all that matters!
    I would love to spend my next birthday on an Greek Island with my sweetie, thanking God for all who love me!!
    I like Afterthoughts.

    Again have a great birthday!!

  15. Happy Birthday Wendy!! My name is Nancy and I will also be celebrating my 39th birthday next June, however I also will have 18 years experience at celebrating that number. I don't usually do too much for my birthday, I spend more time focusing on other family members birthdays making sure that they have a blast. If chosen I would like to have the Happy Moments stamp set. Thanks for the chance to win. seedstlc@distributel.net

  16. Happy Birthday! I will be celebrating my 39th birthday (yes, my real one)at the end of next month. I definitely had a hard time turning thirty but now I try to appreciate being happy and healthy instead of on the number. I agree with 'alittlebitoftoto' (^above^) that it's better to have a birthday than not at all. =) I always spend my birthday with my husband and kids and I would like to try a new place to go out to dinner that I haven't been to before. Maybe I'll get a Stampin' Up gift certificate as a b-day present! If I am chosen, I would pick Happy Moments as I already have the other set. jriley1096@gmail.com


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