Friday, August 12, 2011

Dizzy Little Monster

I love Evan's little hat that I found him at a garage sale.  It has matching little green furry monster mittens to match too!  Well if you are anything like me and LOVE rubber stamps and everything that goes along w/ them, sometimes you have to be thrifty in other areas.  I garage sale when I can especially for Evan's clothes.  There are so many sales w/ kid's clothes w/ prices just a fraction of buying new.  I never knew I was so politically correct--I'm recycling and having fun doing it!  HOW GREEN!

If you like to save cents and want to scrapbook about it,  type alt+0162 to create the cent symbol. 

***Notice Evan's jeans and shirt also garage sale goodies! :)

Ribbon Share Update:

I have (1) Scallop Dot Ribbon Share left and the ends of the 1/8" taffeta ribbon -- it's a little more than 2 yards on some rolls a little less on others, but comes up to the same amount of ribbon.  If you are interested in either on of these ribbon shares, shoot me an email.  :)

Happy Stampin' 

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