Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orange and Black

I love Halloween.  It is probably my favorite of all the holidays.  I loved stamping Halloween cards.  Yes, I said loved in the past tense. I have been working on Dani's graduation thank you's for a couple days now.  I have decided that between the invites and the thank you's, I am very glad that Halloween is months away.  LOL  Who makes there school colors orange and black?  The Argyle Orioles that's who!  :)

 These are relatively simple cards.  I used the thank you from the hostess set, Because I Care.  I did a little punching, paper piercing and viola! 

Inside the card, I gave Dani lots of room to write.  I'm sure she'll appreciate that.  I don't think I have ever met a kid that likes to write thank you's, but it's good practice.  In the 'real world' she'll get to do all kinds of things she doesn't like.  LOL  Oh and she's already tired of this 'real world' that everyone keeps telling her about.

Here's half of the stack of thank you's.  This should keep her busy for a couple minutes.


  1. Our Elementary and Middle and High School are all orange and black!
    We are the Tabb Tigers! Thanks for the great card! I will copy it and use it and make some thankyou cards for the teachers! Thank you so much!!!
    Elizabeth Glass,Yorktown,Virginia

  2. Hi Wendy, these are so, so nice!! Very, very classy! I know she will love and appreciate them. You're right, it should keep her busy for a little while. hehe Thanks for sharing.


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