Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a Little...

Just a little hot!  Oh my gosh, Wisconsin forgot all about spring this year and went straight to summer. It's been humid and low to mid 90s.   I thought after the long drawn out winter and no spring that it may never be warm again.  I was wrong.  It's back to sweating, shorts, bugs and ballgames. Riley Kate is playing softball two evenings a week and I'm loving being outside, but need to adjust my personal thermostat.  I'm running a bit warm.  And I must be VERY SWEET--the bugs love me.

I am enjoying being down in the basement where it's cool.  The stamping room is the nicest room in the house right now. :)  WELL--I think it's pretty great year round, but it is particularly pleasant especially with no a/c yet.

This week there is a ~CooL~ new sketch challenge over at Krista's Cards & Things.  I like this one.  It was just what I was needing to get more scrapbooking done.  I opted to do the 'things' this week rather than the cards.  LOL

I had this photo of Evan that was taken last month that I just had to do something with.  My girls laughed right out loud when they saw it.  He looks so mischievous and perhaps just a little naughty. He isn't of course.  He is just a perfect little angel.  *cough*  Yeah, right!!!

To prove his point, Evan just came up and hit something on the keyboard and the paragraph above disappeared so I got to retype it. *sigh*  2 year olds are such fun! ♥

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