Monday, November 26, 2012

The Final Tally

My goal for this year was to can 100 pints of salsa.  Yep, just 100 pints.  :)  I final count for 2012 was 108 pints.  I don't think I have ever made that much in one year, but I am sure glad to have it done.  I love being able to make cute gifts for clubs and workshops. 
For this workshop, I gave my hostess a jar.
Then I decided that it would be a good door prize too. 

The jars were made by cutting a piece of Stampin Up! designer fabric w/ the scallop circle die and screwing the canning ring down to hold it in place.  Then I stamped and cut out a little mason jar using the Perfectly Perserved stamp set and Cannery framelits from the Holiday Mini Catalog (page 29).  I attached the jar w/ baker's twine and looped it through my bow to secure it to the jar.
Evan has decided he LOVES showers although removing his clothes seems to be optional sometimes.  I spent a lot of time fetching him out of the shower while trying to can salsa.  It is really hard to be upset with him.  He is so sweet---and really really clean!  :)

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