Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

I know it's been a long while.  The good news is that after several attempt to access my blog, I finally was able to get back on.  I don't know what the problem was, but it made my stomach knot.  I have missed stamping and blogging.

My focus has been on my 4 year old son, Evan.  He is autistic. He has started intensive ABA therapy in our home--which means that 5-6 days a week we have a handful of therapists in and out of our home. It is a strange feeling, but I am so happy that Evan can receive this therapy.  Between his therapy, social skills class, school, my daughters, husband and house--things seem a little overwhelming some days.  I am grateful for all that I have, but somedays it is a little chaotic. 

I did do a lot of canning this fall.  My sister has 2 beautiful pear trees that despite the drought were loaded w/ some of the biggest pears I had ever seen.  I brought home buckets of pears and canned just over 50 quarts.  Every couple of days, I would have enough pears ripe to can about 13-15 quarts plus  have a few to eat. 

I also tried out  new recipe after my sister gave me a bucket of jalapeno and green/red sweet peppers.  I made jalapeno jelly. I had never heard of it until I asked my Facebook friends what to do w/ all these peppers. My uncle suggested jalapeno jelly.  After my first bite, I knew I was hooked.  It is really good on Club crackers spread w/ cream cheese.  Yummm! 

I did a workshop and I thought I would dress up one of the little jelly jars and give it as a door prize.  The lady who won had never had jalapeno jelly either and was a little nervous about trying it. I was so happy when I met up with her again and she wanted to buy a jar from me.  :)  That must mean it is good!  LOL

I use the Friendship Preserves stamp set from the holiday mini catalog (pg. 30) along w/ the Window Frames Collection framelits on the same page to create the tag. 

Here's a better picture of the jalapeno jelly.  I think it's pretty especially for the holidays.

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