Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Be My Valentine

I spent the day in my Stampin' Room today, unfortunately there was very little stamping.  I had to clean it up.  It was an absolute disaster.  You know it's bad when your husband starts to notice and begins talking about it. He is not a tidy man so I knew my room was truly horrible.
  I was very proud of myself when I got everything cleaned up off the floor.  It was wonderful to be able to walk around w/o tiptoeing to avoid stepping on stacks of dsp, catalogs, scraps and ribbon. 
Then I looked at my table. [sigh] I found everything that was no longer on the floor!  My table was teetering piles of dsp, catalogs, scraps and ribbon. LOL  I wonder where all that could have come from. 

You can begin ordering from the new Occasions Mini Catalog starting on January 4th.  I took a few minutes to make a little valentine's box that holds 4 Hershey's nuggets. I used the new P.S I Love You set.  It's a great set w/ everything you need to make your honey a Valentine.  :)

If you would like a copy of the new Occasions Mini, email me and I will mail one out to you.  

I will be offering a 3/8" Pleated Satin Ribbon Share.  I will get back to you with the details.  It's beautiful!  You won't want to miss this one!

 Also, I wanted to share this adorable little card I received from the talented Krista Driessen.  She is such a sweetheart!  I found this darling card in my mailbox a couple days ago.  I just love it. Thank you, Krista!   

Don't forget about the Clearance Rack Blitz ending on January 5th
That's a lot of great deals to be had on retired products!

Tonight, I'm hoping to sleep better than last night.  Our dog, Pooch barked all night.  We live in the boonies and she rarely barks (she is a poor excuse for a guard dog).  I would jump everytime she would bark. I would just fall back to sleep and she'd start again. I swear she barked for HOURS!   I worry about the chickens, cats, goats and sheep.  There are a lot of coyotes where we live.  They have killed some of the neighbors' sheep.  Happily, all our animals are safe and sound, but this old girl needs some Zzz's tonight.

Shop online with me!  I'm your 24/7 Stamp and Scrapbook Store.  :)


  1. Love the valentine box, do you have a template? Can you please email me at comestampwithme@prodigy.net

    1. Yes i would like the template too, if you have one.
      Thanks Michelle

  2. Wendy,
    Your blog is the best and your work is fantastic. I love how you so generously give away your templates and directions. There are so few others that give away templates for free. I hope everyone appreciates all the hard work you do for them so they 'case' your work.
    Happy New Years,
    Barb S (FL)

  3. Who wouldn't love to receive that sweet valentine. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have just spent 3 days re-organizing my office/stamp room (previously the master suite of my condo) so I could fit in all the new product (and still find it). Now I have no excuse for finishing all those new card samples and be ready for next week's class. It must just be that time of the year for "starting over." LOL

  5. Love your treat box! I laughed so hard at your cleaning story because it so resembles how I do it! Except, since I have several broken vertebrae, the table is easier to reach, so I clean off the table, then when I do the floor, the table is messy again!! Same reason!


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