Thursday, December 1, 2011

PocketBac Parade part 1

I have been making a lot of pocketbacs for stocking stuffers this year.  I thought this was a wonderful idea especially since EVERYONE in our house is sick!  Terry got a nasty cold from his brother and gave it to Evan.  Evan, being the nice boy he is, shared it with his mom.  Well not to be grinchy during the holiday season, I passed it on to Riley Kate.  (Dani has never been so happy to be living in a dorm.) Evan and I have been sick for about a week and Terry several days longer than that.  I'm ready to be able to breathe again!

This group of pocketbacs has my favorite little girl showcased in each of them.  It's amazing how she looks great in any color.  Maybe it's her Blush Blossom complexion.  LOL

Stamp set: Greeting Card Kids

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