Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lost & Forgotten..

I am not good at brayering.  I would love to be a brayering genius like Michelle Zindorf, but I am not.  I did dig out my brayer and blow off the dust and attempt a card.

The hardest part--the snow on the trees. Huh... who knew? LOL

 This is not an original card.  I seen a card like it when I was blog surfing one night. It it resembles yours, please let me know.  I would like to give you credit for the inspiration and link up w/ your blog. 


  1. Beautiful! The key to brayering is to keep at it! You've done a very lovely job.

    I did a version of this card, but my original idea came from Kerin Sylvester. Here's the link to my card, and the link to Kerin's card is embedded in the post.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Wendy! I love it!


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