Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dani's College Send Off

This weekend, we packed up Dani and drove 2 1/2 hours to Carthage College. It is such a beautiful campus.  I can't blame Dani for falling in love w/ it.  If I were 18 again and visited Carthage, I would have wanted to attend too.

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Wisconsin--sunny and cooler.  It was a perfect day to move a TRUCKLOAD of Dani's things up two floors.  Luckily, a muscular boy met us on the curb, asked what hall and room she was in, bent down and bear hugged Dani's fridge and took off w/ it.  It was there waiting for us when we got to her room.  :)

 We took Riley Kate w/ us to see her sister off.   It was very hard on her. Although there are 5 years between the girls, they are very close.  When it was time to leave there was lots of tears.  Even Terry had a really rough time saying goodbye.  I sniffled and did a lot of boohooing for many many miles.  I am such a softy anyway... 
Here's Dani's home away from home.  I pray that she will be happy and successful and that Thanksgiving comes quickly and she will come home and see her old mom.

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