Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Paperclip Solution

The problem.... 300+ snowflakes!

What they look like now....
What they need to look like....

Ah HA!

The Paperclip Solution....

On Saturday, I have a Stamp a Stack scheduled with 30 ladies attending and I have been a little stressed. I cut out over 300 snowflakes using the Northern Frost Decorative Strip in the Holiday Mini Catalog. They went through like butter; however, all the little interior pieces didn't fall away. So I have been trying to decide what would be the best tool for the job. Well first it was a paper piercer or a stylus, but I only have one of each and I would like the ladies not to be held up waiting for a turn. I thought and thought....a pencil-no....a pen-no....fingernail-no...a fork-no. (this is only a few of the things that went through my head in the last few Anyway, I was sitting here at my computer desk when PAPERCLIP just popped in my head. What a cheap, easy tool to help these ladies get their cards assembled quicker. It's the PaperClip Solution. Perhaps a little SU! ribbon tied around the end will dress them up a bit and make them look more 'official'.


  1. Love your new tool Wendy! The ribbon really adds a punch (no pun intended - lol) not to mention will make them easier to find on the table! You could even include one in each packet and advertise a free tool! Hm...maybe not...oh well it was a fun thought.

  2. try a seam ripper too; it's a great fix for other little paper problems with the Big Shot

  3. Great tool! I actually setup a card class today that uses these little beautiful snowflakes for the ladies at the nursing home and was having the same dilemma - what shall they use to punch out the little interiors that won't hurt their have answered my question! Thanks for sharing such a simple but genius little tip!

  4. Love your "stress solution" addition to the paperclip solution!! You go girl!!

  5. We did these at stamp festival a few weeks ago and although beautiful they were frustrating. Luckily I had am tape dispenser with me. I rolled am small piece of tape around two off my fingers and and gently taped it along theback to pull of the loose pieces and them I also used out to clean up my area and my clothes. Long nose tweezers were my only tool but I can see the benefits and cost effectiveness of the paperclip.

  6. What we used also was the paperclip but I bought them at the Dollar Store and they were in all different colors in a container and then I added ribbon pieces.It didn't cost much but added color to the project.

  7. What a great idea! I just might have to case this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the paperclip idea -- I especially love the ribbon trim so you can find it for the next snowflake! TFS!


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