Friday, October 29, 2010

My Happy Little Mailbox

The last couple days have been great! There has been 3 handmade cards in my mailbox. :)
The first card is from Connie (Highdesertstamper), she sent this card to me out of pity, I think. Her blog would not let me enter her contest and insisted that I was spam. LOL
Thank you Connie! It is REALLY a cool Halloween card!
This card was sent for a card swap from my sister-in-law, Julie. I love the background. I know what I'm going to be trying here when I get a chance to get back downstairs and stamp---this neat background!
Last, Evan's birthday was Tuesday. He turned two. This card is from his Uncle Brent, Aunt Julie and Cousin Dayne. I have been teaching him the sign for bird (I don't know owl). He likes his 'bird' card! I love love love the owl punch--it is on the must have list!

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