Thursday, July 9, 2009

What My Stamping Room REALLY looks like...

Everyone said my stamping room was TOO NEAT. lol.... I bet no one can say that now. :) I have a lot of cards pre-cut and ready to assemble that I have been working on for customers. So whenever Evan is sleeping, I head down there and assemble. Unfortunately, my boy is a catnapper and not much gets done in that 15-20 minute stretch. When he wakes up, I just drop what I'm doing (as you can tell by the picture) and head back upstairs to get him.
Today, my goal is to make a place big enough to finish my flower pot cards that I started last night.
My Sister-in-Law is coming back to Wisconsin this weekend for our belated 4th of July celebration and is dying to see my stamping area. She'll die all right! LOL

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