Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Stampin' Room

I had a baby in October--so we needed another bedroom. EEK! Guess where? Oh yeah * the basement/stamping area.**GROAN** I panicked. I pouted. After just putting an addition on our house and not expecting 'a growing family' at this stage in our lives--(honestly, I thought our family had reached capacity)--I knew that there wouldn't be another room added to the house and we would have to work w/ what we had.

It isn't finished yet. My husband is the carpenter, drywaller (this is his 'real' job), flooring guy, electrician, finisher, painter and trimmer---he's not afraid of being fired, the lady he's working for has a crush on him. *wink* When he has time, he tries to work on finishing it up for me. Did I mention my husband is very sweet?!
With all that being said, I love my room. NOW to decorate it! Hmmmmm, do I have any space left to decorate?

This is my closet that still needs doors, but I thought I would fill it up anyway. :)

My work area and my cabinets that we picked up for almost nothing at a rummage sale, because they were the wrong color. Yea! I like cheap and don't really mind the color. I need to pick up my countertop next time we take the truck to town. Currently, I have a piece from our old kitchen before we remodeled and plywood. Hey, it works! lol And definitely not scared I'll damage it.

This is one of my favorite things I have in my stamping room. It is a paper hoarder made my friend, Wendy's husband. It is incredible. It holds 144 colors of 12 X 12 paper, plus has cubbies to keep all my other goodies in.

My SU! stamps are all lined up and 'smiling' back at me. I loved these shelves once they were up. The shelves filled up quickly and my dear husband has offered to install another set behind the door. I don't have to sell all my retired sets. Woohooo! I am an addict...I know this....


  1. I noticed colored dots on your stamp sets.. please explain how you color code yours. I have seen this before and have recently picked up color dots from the Dollar Store to start color coding my sets.

  2. Your space is beautiful! But way to clean. My husband is the "Jack" of all trades too, so he took two bedrooms and took out the wall between and now I have a huge room with cabinets, counters and even a bar sink. I'll have to dig out the photos to share with everyone.

  3. Ok, I just have to say that I LOVE your paper hoarder!!! Very nicely organized stamp/craft room! Want to come and help me???!

  4. I needed to see this, as I am having my new studio done up and wanted some inspiration on how to - love your paper rack! well, it would help! you are very organised! Hugs always!

  5. Wow!!! How awesome! You have a lot of stamps, papers and it looks organized...wish I could be as organized! lol :) Where did you get your wood paper rack? That is huge! I need something like that!


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