Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Stampin' Room

I worked at a LSS and the owner was getting rid of her 8 1/2" X 11 paper racks. I bought two shelves (they stack) and one for my mother in law for Christmas. Needless to say, now I'm the favorite daughter in law. Dang, I'm the ONLY daughter in law. LOL
Beside the rack, I have sterlite totes labeled for scraps. Anyone that wants to come over and have a 'scrap day' to use up some of my scraps, YOU'RE WELCOME TO COME! My totes are full and overflowing!
Okay, this doesn't look like it's organized, but believe me it is... sort of...
I have a 'nuts and bolts' container straight from Farm & Fleet. It has brads and eyelets in it. Each drawer is divided into thirds and organized by color and size...
The 'chicken coop' holds all of my NON SU! individually mounted stamps. My husband built for me MANY years ago, when my drawers became too heavy and started collapsing. Now my drawers are labeled and OPEN AND CLOSE. :)
The wire drawers are HUGE... they hold A LOT of punches and in the top drawer Colorbox Chalk Ink (I love these pads and wish SU! still carried some of them--they are a wonderful hybrid ink. They are wet like craft so great coverage and fast drying like classic of both worlds).
Under the table, there lives two sets of drawers housing everything a girl could need at a hands reach. They were for Christmas decoration and I got them clearanced out at Shopko. I brought them home and WAH-LAH they fit underneath the table perfectly.
I have two Color Caddies. I have both of them about full and cannot decide what I should do when I put away the new In Colors. Do I buy a third or go to a different system?
Now, my true addiction.....RIBBON! All those containers on top of the chicken coop are FULL of ribbon. Don't let the photo fool you...those containers are deep. I would hate to know how much money I have spent on my love of ribbon. It is organized by color and type....
Gosh, now that I have finished showing you all my 'stuff', I feel like I should stand up and say.... "Hi! My name is Wendy and I am a STAMPING ADDICT!"


  1. Hey Wendy, thanks for sharing! I love your organization!!! Wanna come and help me out??? LOL
    I could join you in standing up and making that statement!

    Again, thank you for sharing your great organizational tips!

  2. I love your organization. I'm organized, but now with so many cool storage containers. TFS...


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