Friday, January 25, 2013

Custom Bag and a Voodoo Doll

 It is hard to believe that Christmas was a month ago already.  It seems like the winter is passing and that spring will soon be here.  I know we have February and March to get through here in Wisconsin, but I'm holding on to those memories of spring grass and a warm breeze.  
I have been keeping myself busy with my family, but I was excited to take a little time out and make a custom bag for one of my customers, Luann.  She provided the material and I sewed it up for her.  I really like the gray, black and yellow together.  This is her new SU! catalog carrying bag.  :)  I can't think of a better purpose for a day. Well maybe an SU! catalog and some chocolate to munch on while flipping through the pages. 

Here's the quilted side of the bag. 

And here's the rag bag side. I love the shabby look and
the material Luann provided frayed out beautifully.

Okay... I found a little voodoo doll pin cushion online made out of felt.  I thought it was adorably ugly.  This was a 20 minute little project on night while Evan was in therapy.  The pattern was just a freehand drawing on a sheet of paper--simple simple.
What do you think of this little guy? 

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