Friday, December 28, 2012

What is Red and Black and White All Over?

This year I decided to make my mom and my sister rag bags for Christmas.  It was a rather last minute decision, but I thought rather than going out and buying a gift bag for their gifts, why not pull out the big shot and make something they can keep and use throughout the year. 
My sister, Laurie LOVES red and black.  She likes bright, bold and flashy. I knew when I started looking at material for her, I wanted the reddest red that I could find. After finding that red it was on to get some black material.  The black was...well boring.  I just didn't think that plain ol' black suited her. Then I found this BOLD black and white floral fabric. I was a little scared of it.  I am a pink girl w/ a love for polka dots and daisies, this was definitely outside my comfort zone.   Here's how Laurie's bag turned out.  Is it bright enough?  Did I make the right choice on the fabric?
My mom likes red and black too.  She is not quite as outgoing and bold as my sister though so I went with a little less bold print when I chose her fabric.  I really liked my mom's bag.  While it isn't pink, it is still pretty.  :)

For Christmas, Santa brought Evan some 'dot markers'.... they are like those used to mark your bingo card.  He absolutely loves them.  Good job, Santa!  *wink wink*  I save all the brown paper that comes in my Stampin Up! orders---it comes in REALLY handy when Evan is creating. And yes, he is sitting on my island in the kitchen.  I figured out that I can catch him before he gets down and runs off w/ the markers this way.  We only create on  paper....  no walls, floors or furniture.  LOL


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