Thursday, April 21, 2011

God's Opinion Baby Quilt

It's crazy how quickly the years pass.  I cannot believe that my daughter is a high school senior.  I am excited for her to strike out on her own, but my heart aches at the thought of letting her go off on her own.  Dani told me a few weeks ago that a girl in her senior class was expecting a baby.  I was young when I had Dani, but this girl is only seventeen and how quickly a little one takes over your life and you are forced to grow up. I was happy to hear though that this girl was going to have her baby with the support of her boyfriend.

 Yesterday, Dani came home and told me that Ashley's water had broke and that she was on total bedrest at an area hospital.  She was just 24 weeks along.  My water broke at 33 weeks with Riley Kate and I thought I was going crazy after 2 weeks in the hospital.  I was 25 years old then and knew how hard it was for me to lay there.  Oh this poor girl.  My heart immediately went out to her. Such a grown up situation with a potential for such heartbreak. 

 Today, Dani came home and told me that this afternoon, Ashley had a baby girl, Madisyn. She said that mom and baby were doing fine. Dani didn't have any details, but I know that little family needs prayers.

I snuck away for a few minutes this afternoon and made a baby card.... 
I absolutely love the sentiment--

1 comment:

  1. Stunning card so elegant and such fun
    Thank you for the inspiration
    Love Posh x


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