Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Choo Choo Challenged

Confession:  I have had the Choo-Choo set ever since it first made it's appearance in the catalog. *deep breath*  Today, I mounted it.  Omgosh, I have had this set for over a year, because I think it was first introduced in a mini catalog.  LOL  If anyone would like to come and mount my sets, I would gladly pay you.  I honestly, dislike putting stamps together and choose which stamps I use for my cards by which ones are already mounted. 

Today, I wanted to use this 'boy stripe' paper from the Celebrations dsp and I looked for 'boy' sets to go with it.  Choo Choo was perfect.  So out come the scissors and a couple minutes later, I was ready to go.  Hmmmm..why do I have such a problem w/ mounting when it REALLY doesn't take that much time?

It took much longer to cut out the train...  LOL


And the #3...
(I found that I don't have any die cut numbers, but luckily the Celebrations DSP has a sheet of designer paper w/ numbers on it.  YEA!)

Here it my Choo-Choo card after several attempts to get it just right.  LOL.. I guess I'm Choo Choo Challenged.  *giggle*


  1. That is a very cute card! I actually enjoy putting stamps together, but then I forget to use them once I have them. :)

    I've had this set for a while too, and I've used it, but not much. Thanks for another great idea! I like that dp too.

  2. Same here, bought it on mini time, haven't used it yet. Yo just inspired me to break it and this lovely card looks like the perfect one.


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