Sunday, March 27, 2011

Graduation Invites--Mass Production in Thrifty Style

After viewing the Josten's catalog that was sent home with our high school senior, I decided that I was definitely going to make Dani's graduation invites and thank you cards. I have never seen such crazy inflated prices.  For a family on a tight budget right now, these prices made me feel a little faint.  I'm so glad that Dani was all about being thrifty like her mom when it came to the invites!  We did REALLY good today--I think I made the invites for maybe .50 each. Granted there's no fancy embellishments, but they will be much easier to mail out this way. 

 So today I sat down and my goal was to finish 2 dozen invites.  I wanted to do most of it while Evan was napping, because he is in full destruction mode when he's awake.  I must have forgotten that 2 year olds have no mercy.  I also learned that big sisters have absolutely no interest in chasing him while mom makes cards. 

Dani really liked criss-cross cards  and we decided that we liked just one flap covered w/ DSP.  That was great, because each piece of 12" x 12" DSP would cover a dozen flaps. 

We chose a textured cardstock for the belly band.  We contemplated using ribbon, but again much less costly.  Today, I used not quite 2 sheets of 12" x 12" Pumpkin Pie Cardstock. 

Using the corners I cut away to make the criss-cross card bases, I punched the Basic Black scalloped circles.  I also used scraps of Whisper White cardstock that were big enough to punch out 1 3/8" circles.


My friend, Wendy was so nice.  She used her die cut machine and cut out these cute little bitty number 1's for us.  I just didn't have anything the right size.  Thanks, Wendy! ♥
They were buggers to get on though--they were tiny!

Yep, thrifty moment.  I cut my dimensionals into halves or fourths.  They go 2 to 4 times further and work just as well.

All popped up! We are in the home stretch....

Here are the 2 dozen invites (minus the party information).  No one seems to know what time the ceremony is so I have no idea what to put for a start time for her party.  LOL  You know those last minute details.  :)  Dani said she will find out tomorrow so I can type up and print out the insert.

I think they turned out pretty cute.  Now I have to pick another day to make another couple dozen.  Oh boy! 


  1. Those have turned out great! Once they see them, everyone will wish they had them. Depending on your time factor, another great way to save on dimensionals is to use pieces of the foam leftover from mounting stamps. You do need a bit of mono multi glue, so it takes another minute to glue them, but a huge savings when you're doing a lot of something.


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