Friday, January 14, 2011

Made by Riley Kate

While this is not stamp related, I think it's still pretty cool. 

Last night, Riley Kate made this collage on the computer for one of her friends at school as a birthday gift.  We live 21 miles from the nearest Big Box Store.  When you don't tell Mom until Thursday night  the parties on Friday, you have to be creative.  She took a few of Hannah's favorite things used Google to search for images and just put them together using Paint.  I had a couple inexpensive frames that I had bought for craft projects.   For a couple of dollars, Riley Kate has a one of a kind personalized gift to give.  I think it's pretty awesome.  :)
Tonight we are heading to Carthage college.  Dani's competing for a scholarship tomorrow morning. They are having an  essay contest for a portion of tuition.  Please wish her luck.  She's very nervous, but I think her Mom is almost as nervous for her.

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