Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Graduation Collage

Today I sorted through all of the pictures that my friend, Wendy took of Dani for her senior pictures.  Dani didn't want anything formal.  In fact, if Dani would have had her way there wouldn't have been senior pictures at all. 

 I convinced her to let my friend, Wendy take her senior pictures.  I did add one clause--no critters.  Dani loves all critters and I could just see her w/ a cat on her shoulder, a chicken on her lap and inspecting  a bug she found.

I was really happy with the great job Wendy did with the unwilling subject she was given.  Actually Dani looked like she had a great time.... 

I want to get this page printed to have at her graduation party along with a few silly poses that I found as I went through the disk.  They are just so Dani that I can't resist.

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