Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boy, Oh Boy...Train Bags

Remember my little train card from yesterday? Well here's my inspiration for my train.... I found this cute material at my local Walmart store. We are so lucky to have fabric--they fought hard to keep their craft section. Most Walmarts no longer carry fabric--for me that means at least an hour drive to JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby.

I finished my first two train bags. I made them exactly the same since the new babies are going to live so far apart it shouldn't be an issue.

This is the outside of the bag. It washed up beautifully. The scallops frayed perfectly! :)On the inside of the bag instead of using the train fabric, I used a blue/white gingham for a different look. Now it's like have two bags in one!

I had a few extra squares sitting on the table and I had an AH-HA moment. Those moments don't come very often, so I am excited when they do occur.

My thought....are you ready?..... CHANGING PAD! I know how much I dislike having babies bare button touch public changing stations or if I'm changing baby on someone's carpet to have a little faucet turn on in the middle of the diaper change and get their carpet/bed wet.

It's pretty simple just 9 squares.


  1. Wendy, how ultra-cute! Love the reversed side of your bag as well...am a sucker for gingham. TFS!
    Chris in Calgary, AB Canada

  2. Cute, cute cute ~ great idea on the changing pad, and the reversible bag is so versatile. Great job!


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