Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Finished Quilt

Okay, I love my online stampin' and I guess quiltin' friends. So many people came to me with suggestions on how to bind this quilt. Thank you so much, Ladies! You are truly the best and saved me from spending a day Googling and panicking. :)

I received a couple emails that said just what I wanted to hear....NO BINDING! These ladies knew their rag quilts and said that most have a straight stitch seam around the outside of the quilt and then the edges are just frayed like the rest of the squares. I love it---so much easier than actually learning to bind it!

The edge of the quilt. I will probably have to wash it a couple times to get the desired affect.
I had no idea how many squares go into such a little quilt. I don't think I'm ready to tackle a Queen size for my bed yet! I think I'm more of a throw pillow kind of person. LOL

Gotta love the crazy pink camo squares. (Personally I love the gingham!)

Here it is ready to go to Kaitlyn. I hope this little one enjoys her pink camo quilt. ♥

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  1. I think the quilt is so pretty. I love pink so that made it even better.I made 2 quilts in my life of 60 + years and now I buy them as it is not my bag anymore. I love cards making and some crocheting. All the rest of the stuff I gave up for Lent and I not even Catholic. HAha.. Thanks for sharing..


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