Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chelsea's Blue Daisy Rag Bag

I promised Riley Kate that I would make her best friend, Chelsea a rag bag for her birthday. I agreed to this months ago, well last night Riley Kate notified me that the time had come for me to keep that promise. :) So she rummaged through the material that I have had in a tote in the closet for YEARS.
Here's what she decided on. She found some navy solid material and some material that I had bought to make Dani a dress when she was just little. (Dani will be 18 years old next month) Needless to say, I told Riley Kate she could probably choose that material. LOL

Here's the traditional side of the bag. I think this is my favorite side. I like the clean look.

Here's the 'ragged' side of the bag. Riley Kate loves the frayed look.

Here's a close up of the material w/ the cute little daisy flowers.
It would have made a cute dress, huh?! :)

In every bag, I made a removeable "faux" bottom. I use a piece of chipboard and make a 'pillowcase' to cover it. I do this to help the bag keep it's form and not collapse when you put anything in it. I also do it so that if you spill anything in the bottom of the bag, it's easy to pull the bottom out and wash it and replace the chipboard.
Now the bag is ready to go.... I attached the birthday tag to the strap. :)
I think she's going to love it!


  1. CUTE, Cute, cute! I have purchased tons of fabric to do this very thing, but have only cut out one bag....just need the extra time to sew it all together. I'm easily enabled!! LOL!! TFS!

  2. Adorable! I love both sides, it would be hard to choose. Thank you for the idea on the removable bottom, I love that you can remove it and clean it so easily, as I always seem to get stuff spilled in the bottom of my bags. :-)


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