Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Z-Fold

I have had a few emails wanting more views and information about my Christmas Z-Fold Card. I went out and took a few pictures (not the best quality, but I hope they can help answer your questions. :)
This is a really simple card to make.....



If you would like to learn more techniques and great folds Pat Huntoon puts out an awesome newsletter. :)

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  1. OH Wow! I didn't realize there was a name for this type of fold. I've done several cards like this but alway on it's side. I never thought to make one orientated like this. At first I thought you did it upside down -- BUT it's its' own stand - I can't stand it (sorry, just couldn't resist saying that)! You are amazing! Now I've got to go back and try redoing my cards!!! Thanks for the inspiration and also for sharing on Late Night Stampers.


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