Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sweet 16

This week, we are celebrating our youngest daughter's birthday.  It seems impossible that 16 years have passed.  Terry and I were so excited for our second child to arrive.  She must have been excited too.  My water broke 7 weeks early and after 2 weeks of bed rest at Meriter Hospital in Madison WI, Riley Kate arrived. She was pretty little weighing in at 5# 10 oz., but she was strong and healthy. She amazed everyone that she required no extra care.  In fact, Terry and I  left the hospital less than 48 hours later with this beautiful  and oh so sweet little red headed baby girl.   

Happy Birthday, Riley Kate! 

Riley Kate is still my beautiful red headed girl.  
She's smart.  She's sweet.  She's passionate. She really is a joy.
I am so blessed. 

Today, I made some quick and cute 16th birthday invites. 
I just downloaded MDS onto my laptop.  I haven't created anything using MDS for a couple of years.  I have missed it.  I forgot how fun it is to use and how easy it is create beautiful projects.  


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