Friday, February 8, 2013

Softball Fundraiser--Cookie Sandwiches

It's time to think a little about Spring.  Even though it snowed for 9 consecutive days in Wisconsin, we are preparing for Spring. My daughter, Riley Kate is the left fielder for the Lady Orioles softball team. We are selling bake goods again this weekend to help raise money for their team.
I know that some people would say that 9 dozen chocolate chip cookies (with  few white chips and M&Ms) would be plenty to send  to sell, but not us.  :)
Some people would say that buttercream frosting only belongs on wedding cakes, but not us. :)

Some people might say that buttercream frosting definitely does not belong on cookies, but not us.  :)
Some people thought that colored sugar was a little over the top, but not us. :)

Some people thought these were far too pretty to eat, but not us!  :)  nom nom

Some people think that we should keep them in our house, but not ME!  LOL  They are deliciously yummy and FULL of calories!  :)

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