Monday, May 14, 2012

Scrunched Scalloped Circle Flower

I had several questions about how I made my scrunched scalloped circle flowers in my last post.  I thought I would give you a little step by step on how to make this cute and VERY EASY 3D flowers.

You will need:
Enough cardstock or dsp to punch out 6 scallop circles
1 brad
Paper piercer and mat
Scallop Circle Punch

***Shocking image***
Look away if you can't stand the sight of scrunched cardstock.  :) 

Scrunch up all 6 scallop circles like you would a gum wrapper --being careful not to rip them.

Carefully flatten out your circles.  See all the crinkles and wrinkles--that's perfect!

Stack up all 6 circles and poke a hole down through the center of them w/ your paper piercer.  Bore out the hole a little to make it a little bigger.

Using a brad attach the 6 circles together.

One layer at a time, scrunch up the circles again.  I like to REALLY scrunch the center circle so it is tight and you can't see the brad.

Continue Scrunching....

Then I take the flower in my hand and I scrunch it some more...

Here's what it look like after all the that....

Shape your flower by pulling down some of the petals a bit.  No worries--it you don't like the shape or something isn't just so--scrunch it again.  :)



  1. Thanks for sharing your flower tutorial...very helpful! - Heidi

  2. Beautiful flowers! Thank you so much for the great detailed tutorial!

  3. Great tutorial! Easy to follow, easy to remember! Now, to scrunch some flowers! Thanks so much.

    Judi Carpenter

  4. Hi Wendy!
    Just wanted to say this is exactly how I make my flowers, with one added step. Before I scrunch the first time I mist with water, then scrunch and unwrap. While they are still damp I complete all the rest of the steps. When the finished flower is completely dry, it will be very firm (because of misting)and keep a nice shape. Try it and see what you think. P.S. - I love your picture tutorial, very helpful for first-timers.

  5. Yeah! I think I can finally make one of these flowers I've seen. Thanks for helping a "flower-challenged" stamper.


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