Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caroline's Rag Bag

Today, my mother-in-law and friend (who else besides me can say that?), Caroline came up and she brought material to make a rag bag. She brought this amazing black and white material. I will be honest, I was a little nervous that it would be too busy when we got it together. I put Caroline to work cutting batting while I cut the scallop squares on the Big Shot. She cut and pressed the straps (shhhhh! this is my least favorite part of making the bag--ironing. YUCK!) I quilted the squares while Caroline looked through my stamps. I layed out the pieces and Caroline started assembling. Well in the meantime, Evan joined us in the craft room. Like a terrific grandma, Evan was way more fun the I took over on the sewing machine. I assembled the rest of the bag, but because Caroline can sew straighter she got to the top stitch that rounds around the entire bag. She did some extra stitching to reinforce her straps. We added a faux bottom and WAH-LAH a simple black and white rag bag! Tomorrow she's taking it to church. :) I love it! ♥
The completed bag:Up Close: (Do you remember the SU! background Seeing Spots? Doesn't the black material remind you of that?)
Oh and Caroline got here about 1pm. We visited, played with Evan, planned out the bag and still had the bag completely done by 5pm. I thought we did pretty good. (We are both pretty chatty! lol)


  1. The bag is great. I love that it is black and white -- it will go with sooo much more.

    And, yes, I am with you being one of the few that can count my MIL a friend. Unfortunately, I live 2000 miles from her and she is now in the second stage of Alzheimers -- what a horrible disease. BUT I had about 35 great years with her before the disease struck.

    Enjoy your time together, sounds like you had a blast!

  2. I love the bag and think that the two different prints go great together! I bought two or three black and whites at JoAnns but haven't done my bag yet. You inspire me... BTW, I have two Mom's, no in-law for me. :o) Paige

  3. I love black and white - but this looks a little blue instead of white, so not sure what it is. But it's great! I know MIL will enjoy it and yes, she/you did a great job! TFS

  4. Love the black and white combo it really pops! I am sure it will be a hit at church and maybe you will get lots of business from it too!

  5. Wendy,
    You all did a terrific job on the bag! I think it is just beautiful! :D

  6. This bag is amazing I love the patterns. Wendy can you please contact me at I have a few questions about your blog If you can spare a moment!

  7. Wendy,
    The fabric worked fabulously!!! I am sure that your MIL was absolutely the rage at church today!
    I bet she is taking orders for you! He! He! Grandmas always choose playing instead of anything else -- I know -- cause I'm a Grandma too!
    Great job and praise God for your relationship with your MIL!!!

  8. Very nice - love the pattern combo of the material and the B&W.

    Cynthia Ferenz
    Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers and 1 Grandma of 1 Adorable Grandson

  9. I looooooooove it !! Now I want to make one just like it!!! Great job!

  10. another great bag Wendy - love the B/W scheme too!!


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