Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dirt Digger

This afternoon, Terry, Evan and I worked on a flowerbed behind the garage. Last fall, we transplanted a few hostas along the backside of my garage when we built Evan's room on the side of the house where my hostas had been. was a good thing probably to move them. We separated 5 hostas and now have 14!!

Today was the first time Evan had played in the dirt. Last summer, he would eat the dirt, grass, weeds and everything else outside. Needless to say, outside time was limited when you had to dig all kinds of 'goodies' out of his mouth. He sat and he played in the dirt for about an hour and a half this afternoon. Evan was such a good boy. Yeah, he buried himself in dirt, but he didn't uproot any hostas and stayed right with me.

He was FILTHY!! He had dirt EVERYWHERE and I do mean everywhere....including a whole diaper full. He went straight from the flowerbed to the bathtub! He was MAD--he loves 'dirt diggin'!

Made using: Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio (love it!)


  1. Looks like he had the time of his life! ROFLOL! I can remember those days with my boys!

    Cynthia Ferenz
    Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers

  2. Love the page. How did you create the yellow " splatter" patterns? Truth is I have MDS and haven't loaded it yet!

  3. I love the last two pages that you posted. Great work!

  4. Wonderful layout and it does my heart good to see such a cute little guy having fun in lots of dirt! Too many kids don't get to do this anymore. He is absolutely adorable BTW.


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