Monday, September 14, 2009

PlaceCards are FINISHED

Awhile back, my sister asked me to make 100 patriotic placecards for a private concert she is hosting. Royal Wade Kimes, a country singer featured on XM radio is coming to Potosi Wisconsin! Can you believe that? My sister and brother-in-law have gotten to know Mr. Kimes through his charity Backpack for Kids. He has shown an interest in getting out and meeting his fans. My sister offered to host his first concert and meet and greet. Well--I don't have XM radio, but my sister assures me that I am in for a treat on Saturday night at the concert.

Hours and Hours and HOURS are the placecards. I had no idea when I started this project how long it would take to cut, stamp, color and assemble 100 of these placecards would take!! I love the soldier from the SU! Courage set, but it will be awhile before I will want to color another one. Geesh, I have colored a WHOLE PLATOON!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Wendy! I am the Telegraph Herald reporter who interviewed Royal Wade Kimes before his concert at Laurie and Ron's house.
    He seemed like a true gentleman.
    I hope you enjoyed the show!


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